Lifelong Health Through Low Glycemic Eating

Learn how to make a healthy lifestyle change by adopting a low glycemic diet based on low glycemic index foods, menu plans and recipes that help you lose weight, stop sugar cravings, and regain your vitality without feeling hungry

If you discovered a process that let you eat mouthwatering foods and savory meals and maintain or even exceed your dieting goals, wouldn't you at least give it a try? Now imagine being able to stick with it for the rest of your life.  How good would that make you feel?

Fact is, lifelong health really can be yours when you discover and remove the barriers to healthy eating.  It's really that simple.

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What are some of the barriers? Can a low glycemic diet help?

Diets fail for any number of reasons, but the usual suspects are unrealistic goals, unrealistic (or worse unhealthy) eating expectations, "taste-free" foods, and complicated planning. Most diets are just not sustainable over the long term and that's why they don't work. 

How can you sustain your dieting efforts?


That's exactly what's set out for you here. We'll teach you the right (and wrong) foods based on the glycemic index.  We'll show you delicious recipes that are simple to prepare and a joy to eat.  And we'll provide you with fail proof planning tips to keep you on track.  You'll find practically every barrier to eating a healthy low glycemic index diet has been removed for you.

Just think for a moment - how great would it be to eat delicious meals that are so simple to plan and so easy to prepare that it's easier to succeed than it is to fail?

As you scan every word of this website you'll discover how to do just that.  To get you started, here are two ways to immediately benefit from the resources you'll find here:

Glycemic Index Strawberries
  • Browse through our core list of low glycemic foods.  (Hint: with the foods on this list, you can make any recipe and follow any meal plan on this site).  Use it to plan your shopping list. After seeing this you may want to get rid of everything else in your kitchen that's not on that list.  After all, starting with a clean slate and a focused mind is a surefire way to success.
  • Or you can just dive right in and sample some of our delicious low glycemic index recipes.  Pick up only the ingredients you need to start eating healthier right away.

Personally I find it easier to make sure my kitchen is only stocked with the best low glycemic index foods.  This helps me stay on track and any temptation to "stray" is entirely removed.  And I always have everything I need to make the meals I like.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, control your diabetes, or enhance your athletic performance, eating a balanced diet based on the glycemic index is your key to success. 


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