25 pounds, down from 170 to 155 so far but having trouble losing more

by AJ Cooks
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At about the same time that my metabolism started to slow down (dramatically) with age, I left a city office work environment where, for professional reasons, I had to wear nice suits, fitted slacks, etc. I also eliminated my commute, which previously involved a fair bit of walking to and from public transportation. With no commute at all, and easy access, any time, to all the glorious tasty food in my kitchen, the weight started to creep on. I also remodeled my kitchen, and with a fabulous new range and gorgeous workspace, and discovery of a wonderful online cooking community, I started cooking, enthusiastically and with real joy, as I never had before. Unfortunately, this led to increased availability of unsuitable foods which, when coupled with sustained inappropriate but understandable behaviors (eating when under stress, of which there's been quite a bit in the past few years), pushed my weight up about 35 pounds. I seek to return to the best weight for me, which is 20 - 25 pounds less than what I am now. I am committed, for a variety of health reasons, to make this happen! Thank you, everyone. ;o)

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