32 year olds goal to loose 70 lbs

by Brandy Corrales
(Tucson AZ )

recent hike up Sabino Canyon

recent hike up Sabino Canyon

My family has major overweight issues and I found myself hanging out in the 200lb area for years after the birth of my son. I am an active enough person but knee pain has limited my activites. Knee pain probably associated with carring all this weight. So I finally saw a new doctor...new approach, new doctor. And she said alot of things that made me listen really listen. She is a herbalist and has started me off series of suppliments and vitamins. I will be getting started on them soon. She has taken xrays of my knee and I hope we can get to the bottom of all this. Meanwhile she has suggested a low glycemic diet and that has made me nervous because I dont know how to cook beans and veggies and still make them exciting for my family. Hubby and kids could use to shed a few lbs too but more important for the kids is I dont want them to have a fear of healthy eating because their mom never cooked it. So my challenge although I thought it was to loose a bunch of weight is now to learn to cook healthy and tastey so that we all can benifit from it.

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