Get to a healthy weight and enjoy life with my husband

by Nidge Brown
(Salem OR)

I have struggled with my weight for all if my adult life. I have tried several diets and have not found anything that has worked. I am at a period in my life where I know I need to be healthier and prevent any future medical problems. I am 35 years old and have been married for almost 3 years. I do not have any children but I want to have a family soon. I know that my weight needs to drop before I get pregnant so that I have a healthy pregnancy. My husband is in great physical shape and I know that my obesity comes in the way of us having a healthier active life. My current weight is between 235-245 I am 5'8" and have been labeled as being pear shaped. I do get regular exercise daily and have tried some weight training which I absolutely love. I went to the doctors today and was informed that I have "the fat gene" we went over my daily activities and eating habits and came to the conclusion that a low glycemic diet is what would be best for me. I begin my journey today and with strength and determination hope to change my lifestyle for one that is healthier. My hopes for a happy and healthy family start with this change I owe it to myself and know it is possible with my #1 supporter and the love of my life beside me I can accomplish anything! Wish me Luck!

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