How This Glycemic Index List Will Keep You Smiling

As you can see in the glycemic index list of dairy products below, dairy products can be particularly low GI.

So what's the catch?

Dairy products are an excellent source of calcium which helps maintain strong teeth and bones. They are also good sources of protein which is essential to muscle and cellular replenishment.

Some however are high in fat and therefore calories, so if you want to lose weight and stay healthy choose lower-fat varieties. When choosing dairy products, look for ones that are low in overall fat, and particularly low in saturated fats (trans-fats). Mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats are a much healthier variety.

Foods to watch out for in the glycemic index list below include margarine and cheeses. These products by their nature contain a higher fat content, so watch your portion size. A sensible serving of margarine is about 1 tablespoon. For low-fat cheeses a serving size is about 1-1/2 to 2 oz, or about the size of a pack of Halls cough drops.

Eggs are sometimes included in the meat and seafood category due to their high protein content. They are included here in the glycemic index list of dairy products for your shopping convenience, since eggs and egg whites are typically found in the dairy section of your supermarket.

Are you smiling yet?

Sort-of-maybe-no? Well then here's some help for you cheese junkies out there.

In the glycemic index list below, you'll find Lauging Cow Light cheese. It appears to have been made popular by the famous South Beach Diet. All I can say about Laughing Cow is "get it!" It is delicious, makes an excellent snack, and is soft enough to use as a spread. I enjoy it on crispbreads.

Note: Foods marked with the Key GG Food symbol are a part of the Key GG Low Glycemic Foods List.

Dairy Glycemic Index
Key GG Food Skim Milk 11 - 32
Key GG Food Whole Eggs (and/or Liquid Egg Whites)
Key GG Food Soft Margarine (light, non-hydrogenated)
Key GG Food Yogurt (low/non-fat, no sugar added) 20 - 40
Key GG Food Low Fat Cheese
Key GG Food Extra Low Fat Cheese (e.g. Laughing Cow Light) ●*
Key GG Food Ice Cream (low/non-fat, no sugar added) 37 - 49
Sour Cream (light or reduced-fat) 50*
Sour Cream (fat-free) 23*
Sour Cream (regular) 51*

Glycemic Index Data Sources:,, "The New Glucose Revolution"
● Little carbohydrate; GI approximately zero
* Estimated based on similar foods

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