Mom Would've Loved This Glycemic Index Table

Just look at the glycemic index table entries for Fresh Vegetables. Absolutely amazing! Zeros almost completely across the board!

Was your mom really right all those years?

I'm sure you can hear her now saying "Eat your veggies." At the time, she probably knew nothing about any glycemic index table, but she sure knew healthy when she seen it.

Most vegetables have a very low carbohydrate component, and are also very high in dietary fiber. This translates into a low GI food that is filling (because of the fiber) and an excellent source of nutrients. They are also quite tasty when properly prepared.

Load up your diet with vegetables. When you're hungry and looking for a second helping, always choose extra vegetables in place of a more carb-laden food like bread, potatoes, and most types of rice. Generally the more colorful a vegetable the better they are for you.

Fruit, while not quite at the zero GI level, still generally fall into what's considered a low glycemic index range, with a GI < 55. Fruit also has a high fiber content, and the natural sweetness comes fructose which is a low GI naturally occurring sugar.

The Fresh Fruit section of the glycemic index table below lists a number of low GI fruit that are usually easy to find at your local supermarket or fresh fruit stand.

Note: Foods marked with the Key GG Food symbol are a part of the Key GG Low Glycemic Foods List.

Fresh Fruit Glycemic Index
Key GG Food Apples 38
Key GG Food Oranges 42
Key GG Food Pears 38
Key GG Food Peaches 42
Key GG Food Grapes 53
Key GG Food Strawberries (fresh or frozen) 40
Key GG Food Raspberries (fresh or frozen)
Key GG Food Blueberries (fresh or frozen) 53
Key GG Food Cherries 63
Key GG Food Bananas 52
Key GG Food Lemons
Key GG Food Limes
Fresh Vegetables Glycemic Index
Key GG Food Ginger
Key GG Food Garlic
Key GG Food Lettuce
Key GG Food New Potatoes 47 - 70
Key GG Food Tomatoes
Key GG Food Carrots (baby & regular) 41 - 47
Key GG Food Celery
Key GG Food Onions (red and/or white)
Key GG Food Green Onions
Key GG Food Bell Peppers (red/green/orange/yellow)
Key GG Food Cherry Tomatoes
Key GG Food Broccoli
Key GG Food Cauliflower
Key GG Food Mushrooms
Key GG Food Spinach (fresh or frozen)
Key GG Food Peas (fresh or frozen) 48
Key GG Food Zucchini
Key GG Food Cucumber
Key GG Food Green Beans
Key GG Food Asparagus

Glycemic Index Data Sources:, "The New Glucose Revolution"
● Little carbohydrate; GI approximately zero
* Estimated based on similar foods

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