I have lowered my tryglicerides, cholesterol and Blood Pressure

by Linda Schwartz

For the longest time I could not lose very much weight. I tried Weight Watchers, Atkins and so many other things. Accidently I came upon a DR. who specialized in weight loss. Of course I thought it would be another dead end. He took some blood samples and said " most of your fat lies around your middle" "that is because you are Insulin Resistant and close to being diabetic". He suggested I cut my carb count down to 150 carbs a day. Increase my exercise. See him and his nutritionist once a month. Keep a daily food log so we can help each other if there becomes a problem and he started me on a low dose of Metformin. The nutritionist explained to me what carbohydrates did to me because I was insulin resistant. She gave me guidlines and nutritional info. on carbohydrates. Then I began water arobics three times a week at the YMCA. Since January of 2011 I went from 222 to 206 pounds. It equates to about 1-2pnds of weight loss a week. Have I gained weight since then, yes my wieght fluctuates but not anywhere near to the way it was. Am I discouraged at times? Do I skip my food journal or exercising or even eat wrong? Absolutely I am not perfect. That is why this way of eating is not a Diet but a way of life choices. I am choosing to avoid Diabetes. My Cholesterol,Tryglicerides and Blood Pressure were dangerously high. Now they are back on track. My meds.were cut in half and no more Blood Pressure medicine. Philipians 4:13 reads "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". As long as I give my dicouragement over to God and change my negative tapes in my head to positive thought I will conquer my obesity. It will not conquer me.

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