I just want to be healthier in general...

by Daphne
(Halifax, PA)

In April 2009 I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer, which had spread to my lymph nodes. After several successful surgeries, and 7 weeks of radiation treatments, I became cancer free.

Then in June of 2010 I was diagnosed with a precancerous condition in my uterus, which resulted in my needing a total hysterectomy that included the removal of my ovaries. I was 43 years old at the time, and of course that surgury shot me straight into menopause. Lovely. Cue the hot flashes and night sweats. They're horrible. HORRIBLE. But I do feel better. I really feel the better than I have in a long time.

I've been told that my triglyceride levels are dangerously high, and I could benefit by losing some weight. That I knew, but my cholesterol and triglycerides are a concern.

I just want to be healthier, all around. And adjusting my diet is the best place to start. I'm a huge fan of my local Ren Faire, as well as attending pirate conventions that take place all over the country...so looking better in my corsets would be a bonus.

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