I want to slim down for my wedding and the rest of my life!

by Jennifer
(New Zealand)

my weight has always yo yoed but it didn't really bother me until I was in my teens, then I started eating "junk food" but when I noticed my weight creeping up I would eat healthy foods to get it back down, then it would start over again, I was like this for a good two years, I then ended up in a bad relationship I got really depressed and piled on the weight with my first child. When that relationship ended and I started my life with my current partner I started eating better and got a lot of excise, I then went on to lose 29kg (63.9 pound) while I was pregnant!!! Don’t worry I wasn't even trying to lose weight I just wanted to be healthy, my baby was fine. I kept it off for about a year but when I started working at a restaurant I began to eat HEAPS! so again I piled the weight back on, and after having my third child I put more on as well, I am currently breast feeding my seven month old daughter. my partner and I are getting married in December and I cant stand the thought of getting measured for my dress the size that I am now, that is my biggest motivation my second is that I have diabetes in my family and I have a very sweet tooth and I really don't want to get it. Well that's my story but it’s definitely not The End......

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