Jill Knapp lost 100 pounds and now is inspiring others to do the same.

Wife and Mom of 3

Age: 43
Height: 5'8"
Before weight: 237

During my first pregnancy, I gained 50 pounds, and after childbirth, my weight gradually began increasing. As with most women, I became busy with life and forgot the importance of taking care of myself. I was young, and my body didn't feel the extra 100 pounds I had gradually put on over the years. I had bad eating habits, no time for exercise and no real desire to be healthy.

Unfortunately I had to hear "You have type ll diabetes." I am hoping others will lose weight before they have to hear those words. It's very depressing getting the diagnoses of type ll. It changes everything.

I logged my food, ate six small meals a day and had no refined sugar. Finding out I had Type ll diabetes helped me have a paradigm shift in the way I think, and I did a lifestyle change versus a diet. Five days a week, cardio mixed with weight training was my exercise routine. I never skipped a day.

I broke my both sides of my ankle after slipping on black ice. I had to have surgery and a plate with 6 screws put in my Tibia bone. I thought "How will I ever get the weight off now?" I was so determined that I sure did not let my ankle stop me. It took 9 months total to heal from that fall I could not exercise, but I kept eating 6 small meals a day and reached my goal.

My neighbor and friend who works behind the scenes of the Mrs. Idaho Pageant said I have a great platform. I am living my platform. What a great way to bring awareness to type ll diabetes and get others motivated to make change. In the months before the pageant I spoke at schools, offices, weight loss challenges and after school programs. It was a wonderful feeling to share my personal journey to help others.

The pageant was fun and it was the first time I have been on a stage in over 20 years. I placed 2nd runner up. I won the best interview award, community service award, and most years married award and was voted Mrs. Congeniality. It was such a great thing to do the pageant after losing 100 pounds. I am so glad I did.

Currently I am a diabetes advocate. I am still carrying my message as far and wide as I can. I am also a motivational speaker and love it. It brings me great joy to share my story and in doing so inspire them to "get up and get moving!'

My health now is great! I take no medication for my diabetes I have it under control through eating right and exercising. I feel wonderful! I have more energy now and it's because I am living a whole new lifestyle. I have the energy to keep up with my 3 kids but especially my 5 year old. I have more drive to live and am happier with myself. I remember how it felt carrying that extra 100 pounds around. I remember being very depressed. I will never go back and live that way again.

I want to let others know YOU can lose weight. No matter what your circumstances. No matter what your age. YOU can start living a healthier lifestyle right now. Take one day at a time and you will reach your goals.

After Weight: 137
I have maintained my weight loss for 1 yr 6 mo.

To learn more about Jill visit her site at www.getupandgetmoving.net

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Jul 12, 2012
Are you talking about me?!?
by: Michelle D

This sounds like my life!! I mean all of it! Three kids, weight gain, not feeling it or really wanting to lose it....but I hear diabetes knocking on my door! I don't know how to get control with my busy life. This story is motivating. Any tips or advice on how to get started?

Feb 08, 2012
by: Melanie

wow did I need this. I have to get my weight down or it's going to kill me. this was so uplifting

Dec 01, 2010
my diabetes
by: Jamyie

my diabetes is just out of control and the holidays dont help. Thank you for giving a dose of hope. I know I have it in me to change I just love food too much.

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