Lost 30 lbs and have 10 to go!

by Christina Britt
(Marlow, ok)

Knowing that I have control over how I feel and the energy that I am now getting is remarkable. I stopped smoking a little over 2 years ago after smoking for 17 years, starting gaining weight automatically! I have tried several different approaches and none with any success the reason was is that I was looking for the quick fix. Went in to the cabbage soup diet, lost 18 lbs and made myself extremely weak and frail for there is no fat in the diet. My mom told me you have to have some fat in your diet to lose and maintain a healthy body. Went to doctors, talked to nutritionist and you still hear several different approaches to lose weight. My dad went on Nutrisystem, lost 50 lbs in about 5-6 months and that is what woke me up. I studied their food and turns out all it is is low gi food!!!! There is the answer. Now after loosing 30 lbs, im stuck and it wont budge. Well seems to not anyway, but after my 5 months of continuous weight lose and a gallon of water a day, im not giving up with just 10 lbs to go

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