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125 Easy Low Glycemic Solutions for Everyday Meals

  • Easy recipes that your family will love, made with common ingredients that can be found in almost any grocery store
  • 25 low GI breakfast recipes including "Oven Baked Dutch Apple Pancakes", "Cinnamon Oatmeal Muffin Treats", and a "Cheesy Egg Bake"
  • 17 low GI lunch recipes including "Roasted Vegetable Pizza", "Scrumptious Pita Sandwiches", and a "Tasty Taco Salad"
  • 20 low GI side dish recipes featuring a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • 40 low GI dinner recipes featuring chilis, soups, stews, seafood, beef, chicken, and pork, as well as vegetarian options
  • 23 low GI dessert recipes including "Heaven Can Wait Chocolate Cake" and "Chocolate Meringue Cookies"
  • Printable itemized shopping list of 101 core low GI foods:
  • Make any recipe in the collection simply by using the ingredients provided on the shopping list
  • Save time and money when grocery shopping by staying focused
  • Compatible with most popular low GI diets:
  • Most Doctor and Dietitian Prescribed Low Glycemic Diets
  • The G.I. Diet
  • The New Glucose Revolution
  • The South Beach Diet
  • ...and many others!

This cookbook is an Adobe PDF which can be directly downloaded immediately after purchase. You will require Adobe Acrobat/Reader or Mac Preview to open it.

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"I was recently diagnosed with hypoglycemia and was put on a low GI diet. I LOVE your recipes. I've been to the bookstore and looked at their low GI recipe books and there's nothing in them that I want to eat!

You're my only resource right now for finding "normal" food recipes."

- L. Greene, FL


"I downloaded the Glycemic Gourmet's cook book. It is truly AWESOME."

Discover the Key to Lifelong Healthy Eating

This power-packed collection of figure-friendly recipes will help you eat to feel great! You'll be able to maintain or lose weight, you'll reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease, and best of all you will still enjoy your food!

The Glycemic Secret Revealed

Well, we've all heard that low carbohydrate eating is good for us, but few people understand exactly why. The reason is that most foods that are high in carbohydrates are also high on the glycemic index (or GI).

The GI is a list of foods and how quickly they are processed through our bodies. Foods that are high on the GI scale (and usually high in carbs as well) produce a large fluctuation in our blood glucose levels. When our glucose levels spike, our bodies have to work extra hard to get them back into balance.

Low GI foods, on the other hand, produce a slower and more even rate of absorption when digestion occurs, which means the foods are more gradually broken down. Low GI foods include things like fresh veggies, eggs, lean meat, whole grains, and many fresh fruits.

From Being Lightheaded, Shaking, with the Cold Sweats...

Here's an example to put it all in perspective. Think back to a day when you rushed out the door and grabbed the first thing you saw for breakfast. It was probably a donut, muffin, or cereal bar because they're quick and easy and they taste great.

But by mid­morning all of the sudden you're light­headed, shaky and feeling weak. That's because you've put practically nothing of any nutritional value into your body. It had nothing but sugar!

...To Feeling Fuller, Longer, Satisfied and Energized!

This is a perfect example of what happens when you eat a food that's high on the GI. Your blood sugar spikes and you feel good quick, but when it suddenly drops -- and it does happen suddenly -- you are left with nothing for your body to go on. This is sometimes referred to as "crashing" or "bonking."

But on the days when you do eat something that is low on the scale and has a little protein (for example an egg and some very lean ham), it takes the food much longer to be processed and distributed through your bloodstream. It doesn't cause that sudden drop in blood sugar, so you end up feeling full for longer, and because it's more evenly distributed, you don't experience the huge crash like you did with that donut.

But We've Made it Even Easier For You - Practically Foolproof!

Now that you know why you should eat foods that are low on the GI scale, you're probably wondering what the heck you're going to eat. Based on other diets you've tried, you know you can't have pasta, can't have cheese or fruit, and you definitely can't have dessert, right?


The key is in the included grocery shopping list. This list is made up of foods that are both low on the glycemic index and are good for you. It keeps things simple by outlining 101 healthy low GI foods.

This gives you a nice variety without overwhelming you with options, and it will keep you focused saving you time and money at the grocery store.

Convenience and Simplicity Are Built Right In

This collection of recipes only contain ingredients listed on the grocery shopping list. That's right -- if you have the foods on the list, you can make any recipe in this book.

How convenient is that!?

And the collection of recipes contains only those that are short, simple, and easy to prepare. No more wondering about obscure ingredients and preparation methods you've never even heard of. This is straight-forward, down-to-earth stuff.

You have choices that range from breakfast, lunch and dinner, to side dishes and veggies -- because we're all looking for great tasting and easy ways to prepare vegetables -- there's even a whole section of just desserts!

You can have pasta -- as long as it's whole grain and cooked al­dente. You can have cheese -- low fat cheese is low on the scale and a good source of calcium and protein!

You can even have dessert! -- chocolate cake, apple crisp, grilled peaches, ice cream and more!

The key is the right ingredients, prepared the right way. And that's all outlined for you in this book.

This cookbook is an Adobe PDF which can be directly downloaded immediately after purchase. You will require Adobe Acrobat/Reader or Mac Preview to open it.