Mom of two girls under the age of two.

by Hannah
(Belton SC)

My name is Hannah and I am 31 one years old. After six miscarriages we finally got pregnant in Aug of 2007 and I had to go on progesterone to carry my daughter to term, born May 21, 2008. I started my pregnancy out at 207 lbs and gained 21... So I weighed 228. At 4 weeks postpartum I weighed 197 a 31 lb loss. I was estatic. Over the next 11 months I worked out/ate right and breastfed. I gained 3 lbs. On April 23, 2009(two days after DD#1 turned 11 months old) I found out I was preggers. Continued to breastfeed untill she was 14 months old, went on progesterone again to carry DD#2 to term. Gained 36 lbs 236 the day I delivered her (thankfully she was a 10 lb 3 oz baby) I suddenly felt better about the weight I had gained but it was the heaviest I had ever been. At 4 weeks postpartum I was back down to pre pregnancy weight which was 200 lbs. I am 5'3" and always discouraged by my weight. I would love to be 125-140. I have very abnormal cycles 10 days to 62 days apart. They normally range from 48-62 days apart. I have very course, dry, and stringy hair. I feel just plan unattractive at time. I am planning to follow a Low GI "diet" I hate that word so I am going to say Low GI food plan for life. I am hoping it helps

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Aug 28, 2010
Have you been tested for Hpothyroidism?
by: Anonymous

Hypothyroidism can easily cause weight gain: even if you're dieting, excersizing, or breastfeeding. It also can cause low progesterone levels, irregular menses, and miscarriage(the baby completely relies o mom's thyroid for the entire 1st trimester and partially through the rest of development in utero). Also, it can cause coarse, brittle, hair and nails. It is also famous for hyperinsulinanemia(too much insulin released in proportion to the amount of glucose released from the foods you eat). I have suffered symptoms of Hypothyroidism for as long as I can remember, but was not diagnosed until my late twenties. Now on dessicated thyroid and eating low glycemic most of the time, I'm finally losing the weight! I also went on to have 2 more children after not conceiving for 6 and a half years! Get to a doctor and get tested. Don't accept the "you're in the normal range" answer, a TSH above 3 is Hypo! I hope this is helpful. God bless you, and happy Low GI eating!

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