My goal is to become healthier and live a longer life to see my kids grown and maybe even a few grandkids too!

by Anna

I am diabetic and my sugars had been way out of control. I finally decided enough was enough. I heard about a weight loss study related to diabetics taking oral meds only on the radio, so I called the number. I am currently enrolled in this study taking meds to help me lose weight and therefore reducing the diabetic pills as well. I had to also commit to changing the way I eat and to exercise. I didn't quite like the diet the doctor of the study suggested I use, so I went to a bookstore and found a book about low glycemic foods. I thought it made alot of sense. I have since been trying some recipes I found on the net and am trying to walk 30 minutes a day. In 6 weeks I have lost 20 pounds and the doctor has reduced my diabetic medications from 4 to 2. My inspiration for losing weight are my two kids. I would like to be around for them for a long, long time. I am looking forward to retiring from teaching high school in three years and I want to be healthy enough to enjoy my retirement and just be a mom to my then incoming high school freshman. I would like to win the cookbook because I am getting a little bored with just the few recipes I have tried and would like a little inspiration in becoming more creative. Most of my recipes include boneless skinless ckicken breast with every kind of vegetable I can think of to stir fry with a little olive oil and low sodium sauce. I make a huge pan on the week-end and freeze portions for lunch and dinner for the week.

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