My goal is to fit into my Nr 12 clothes, which is currently hanging in my cupboard !

by Melna
(Harrismith, Free State, South Africa)

The meaning of Weightloss, would be for me...

1. having the power of walking around, flashing my curves and being the one everyone is talking about;

2. having the power of seducing my husband with the woman he fell in love with 7 years ago;

3. having the self-confidence of walking around in a two- piece bathing suit without wearing a alternative sarong to hide the extra rolls;

4. having the power of just being myself on any dance floor, without worrying about people staring at everything bouncing away;

5. having the power of eating anything without feeling that I cannot;

6. having the power to feel good about everything I do; including being the mother I've always wanted to be...

7. having the power to use the oppertunities that have been given to me, as I believed I could never use them while I'm overweight !

8. having the power to use the self-confidence I'm building right now, in writing these points and giving the oppertunity to someone who may need the inspiration, because this is my way of saying: "I CAN DO IT !"

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