My goal is to lose 30lbs for now

by Lesa
(Jackson, Ms 39209)

First i would like to say that i'm a 24 year old black female who is over weight and really wants to lose it. I'm 5'3 206lbs. I haven't been over weight my whole life. It started right after Hurricane Katrina while serving active duty on Mississippi's Gulf Coast. I noticed a little weight gain then when 2006 hit I went from 140 to 160. As the years past the scale start gong up to my heaviest 206 which makes me feel really bad. My life makes it meaningful because I've lost two of my closest relatives who have raises me to heart disease and diabetes. I have a youger sister that has Type I diabetes(Juvenile Diabetes). I think about the one's I lost everyday. That's why I'm taking initiative right now because over the years i hava gained alot of weight. Due to that i don't want to be another heart disease or diabetes candidate in my family. I want to live an extra 10-20 years without having any high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, or diabetes. I know it's going to be hard but i know i will pull through it with the weight loss support group help and through the grace of GOD.

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