My goal is to lose sizes (inches) not pounds. (from a tight 18 to a comfortable 8!)

by Michelle D.

My story is like many others....mother of three, married, home-maker, etc. I put everyone elses needs before my own and I know that is not helping anyone. My family and I live in a "if momma ain't happy..." environment. My outlook on life is that I choose to smile and laugh at every opportunity. I choose not to grow old in any other way! I impress this same attitude on my children and husband, and I must say it makes for a very fun lifestyle:)

Now, what is the problem? Simply put....extra weight. I have carried extra weight since the birth of my oldest daughter nearly 15 years ago, and it only worsened with each child and each birthday. I have carried it well, but now it is becoming a problem. I fear....I know that I am in the beginning stages of some form of diabetes because of my poor nutrition and lack of exercise. My mood and energy level are quickly plunging and the urge to resist unhealthy foods is more difficult than ever!

I want a lifestyle change!...a PERMANENT lifestyle change, not a fly-by-the-night diet that I can't stick to or some insane workout that I won't do for more than two months. (Trust me, I've tried them all!) So, lets give this a whirl!

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