To keep my best friend, love of my life, husband, around as long as possible!

by Claudia Hamilton
(Morongo Valley, California)

I'm the cook! I'm the one that shops for food and brings home what we eat! My husband has Diabetes Type II, need I say more?

He's needed to lose weight. But he's not the only one in the picture here. I am and I've gradually put on weight as well. I was starting to feel SO TIRED by 10:00 a.m. in the morning, heavy and out of breath, just taking the garbage tub down to the street.

We are both approaching our twilight years and don't want to spend our remaining time SICK due to our WEIGHT and EATING HABITS. While there may not be a 'cure' for diabetes, there is a way to CONTROL it, and while we were doing 'okay' . . . there was room for improvement and tightening up on some food choices, yet to be done,.

I had lunch with a friend, a couple of days earlier, discussing the subject of Glycemic foods. She was telling me "I think cabbage is high," in which I grew discouraged thinking that's Bruce's favorite vegetable!"

I did a google search for GLYCEMIC FOODS and found your website, which proved to be very helpful. It was here I got the FACTS and felt much better after reading all we could eat. We printed out your Glycemic food list and read it together. To my surprise finding out a snicker's bar is LOW . . . Wow! Not to say I went out and bought snickers bars, but just to find that out was a surprise!

We started eliminating the high glycemic foods we found on the list, and started eating MORE VEGETABLES AND FRUITS. . . lots of SALADS and BEANS, while also watching our portions.

So far Bruce has lost almost 20 pounds and I've lost approximately 15! We started two months ago! His fasting blood sugar levels are GREAT and I feel LIGHT again, with more energy! We are very encouraged and actually eating better than ever! Neither one of us feel deprived or experience any cravings. I feel the grace of God helping both of us!

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Sep 30, 2007
Good For You!
by: Autumnseer

The grace of God is helping you and congratulations to you both for losing so much already. I know you can do it and hopefully so can I. Love the picture of you both.

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