To Lose 100 Pounds

by Laura McBride
(Winter Haven, Florida, USA)

Me hiding behind autumn leaves

Me hiding behind autumn leaves

I have always fought my weight since I was an adult, but it became a losing battle close to a decade ago. Around that time I could tell I was starting to have some blood sugar problems as well if I didn't eat right, as I would really "crash" after not eating enough of the right foods or went too long without a meal. This past year I was diagnosed as being insulin resistant, so I know I have to get even more serious then before.

At this point, and I cannot believe I have even found myself here, I need to lose 100 pounds. I refuse any more diet fads or pre-packaged meals, all of which I have done before as I failed my way up the scale to this panicked state.

The Glycemic plan makes a lot of sense to me. I know our society has increasingly made portion sizes larger so that we are used to eating that way and don't feel full into we are over stuffed. It also makes sense that eating substantially from refined products and too much sugar will take its toll on ones body. The Glycemic plan still allows for carbs, and seems to have one eating in a more natural state.

I can only hope that this is a plan I can stay on indefinitely, that is good for my body, that can stop this war of self hatred in this regard between me and my body and my emotions.

For now, I have hope and perhaps I can will come back and tell you my success story of how I lost 100 pounds eating well on the Glycemic plan.

Laura McBride

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