To lose 50 lbs

by Denise
(Indianapolis, Indiana)

My hubby is a workout fanatic. He goes tho the gym once a day or at least 5 days a week. I hate exercise and I don't like spending any time away from my home, so if I do it I want to exercise at home.

It's hard on a woman who is over weight and her hubby looks so fantasic, it's very intimidating and can make one self consious. Yet, it isn't enough for me, at least to get me motivated enough so that I don't give up. That's just it, starting is no problem, staying with it is. So since I cannot stay with exercising, I give up before I get started. There is little time for a home life for me, and I spent as much of it as I can doing those things I enjoy. My job is a constant persistance of immature males who hassle and bully. It's not an issue for the company, therefore, the males know they can do it without consequence. This is very stressful at times. I am also diabetic, which certainly doesn't help, but after nearly 20 years after diagnosis, I MUST get a handle on it.
I am one of those who needs schedules and routine in my life. And I need someone to show me how, not just tell me. Then I can incorporate what will work for me.
I have a hard time moving around, the past 5 years have been the worst. I work in a warehouse, so it's not like I cannot move around, it's arthritis, and getting old, I think. My legs hurt when I get out of the car after sitting for a bit. My strength is lessening, and some days I eat really well and others I eat alot of bad stuff. I have a severe sweet tooth, always have. I have always been one that wants to live forever, but at this rate, it's not looking great for me. Also, I don't work with anyone that is a well contained diabetic. It's hard being the only one.

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Nov 14, 2011
i have the same problem
by: Nidge Brown

I just read your story and I can totally relate. I am 35 years old and weigh 240. I am also married to the man if my dreams. My husband works out everyday and is in great shape. I am struggling to lose weight we want to have children but I know that I need to be in better shape before this happens. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis in both my knees. This will be a tough journey but I am determined to make it happen. Women like us need a reality check sometimes. I hope you are successful in losing the weight. My goal is 95 pounds. Good luck again.

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