Transitions Lifestyle program-Dr Shari Lieberman

by Marie McManus

I have been able to lose weight and inches along with feeling great. It is an easy program to follow and can be done very easily when eating out. No weighting of foods-- great- you keep a journal which helps- it targets 3 areas-

changing the way we think, excerise, and eat.

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Oct 12, 2015
Good post NEW
by: Clark Gorczany

Hello! Your site is awesome!
May I share your article on my site and link at you as an author?

Thanks for answering!

Sep 22, 2010
It's easy and it works ;-)
by: Patty

It worked for me...I started the Transitions plan in January 2009. I lost 25 pounds and have kept it off so far (today is 9/22/10). Plan is very easy to follow but I think works best when combined with a sensible exercise program. I am a 5-year Curves member but even that did not get me to my goal by itself. I also walk quite a bit, have done two Susan G Komen 3-Day events with no major problems (blisters are a minor issue, haven't found the right shoes/socks to avoid them).

Good luck!

Jul 31, 2010
easy and achievable
by: Janla

I have been coaching Transitions classes for 5 years now...Low GI, exercise and stress management is the way to go for sure. My students all agree that Transitions is easy an achievable. I have helped people lose anywhere from 20-100lbs and most important they keep it off! Feel free to contact me to learn more at

Sep 11, 2008
is it true?
by: joan

I recently heard that Dr. Lieberman is no longer with MarketAmerica. Does anybody know if this is true?

Jul 26, 2008
Great Plan
by: Cindi

I LOVE the Transitions program. So far:

Lost 30 lbs.
7.5% body fat.... GONE GONE GONE
19 inches also GONE!

Not starving
Eating like a champion.

It's a wonderful way of living... the way we were meant to live.... like our ancestors, the hunter-gatherer. Great salads with protein.

Also... their protein shakes are fantastic--- 18 gms. of protein - a great way to start your day off.

Supplementation is optional but I use it exactly as recommended, as I wanted to FOLLOW THE PLAN.

Check it out. I'm sure you'll be happy.

Feel free to email me back at

Good luck

Apr 18, 2008
Is it a low glycemic diet plan?
by: John

Thanks for sharing your success with that program!

Do you have a link to the transitions lifestyle program? Would you say it is a low glycemic diet plan?

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