Weight Loss 4 Idiots

by Jean Martin

I went on this diet about two years ago. It worked. I lost 40 lbs. I was working, so the diet worked well for me. I planned my meals and did my shopping on the weekend. I ate 4 times a day. I cut down on the amount of food I ate, and refused to eat what my husband was eating (a lot of processed foods). It was a major breatthrough for me. I felt liberated and looked a whole lot better. My self-confidence soared and I felt great. Everyone at work commented on how great I looked.

The diet program will create your meals for you. You select 15 foods from 2 lists, fruits and vegetables, and meats, fish, and nuts. You can structure the meals in any order. Just eat in four smaller meals at least 2.5 hours apart. Some of the parings of foods may seem odd, but they do work if you follow the plan. Drink lots of water to flush out the toxins and fat. Green tea is also a good thing to drink. Incidently, omega 3 fatty acids are not harmful, either...nuts and avocods, for instance.
Execise, like walking increases the rate of weight loss and tightens your body to boot.
Good luck! Don't forget, if you believe you can be slim, trim, taught and terrific, you can! It really is all in your head.
I followed up with Natural Health Sherpa; Unleash Your Thin. Lots of mind set help, and great recepies. Jonny Bowden is an exercise buff, too,though I'm not able to do a lot of the excercises. Meal plalns, daily check lists, progress tackers and good advice on what and how to avoid the pitfalls. I like it. It's working well for me, and keeps me on track.

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